Saturday, August 24, 2019
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QE QUALITY filter core's specifications include: control high capacity filter drier block, for use with: all CFC, HCFC, and HFC cooling systems, liquid or suction lines, package quantity: 1, weight: 2 lbs, replaceable filter/dryer core, for general cleanup; removes varnishes, sludge, moisture, and acid, core features low pressure drop with maximum moisture and acid retention.

QE QUALITY filter cores are packaged hermetically sealed cans to prevent exposure to dirt and moisture. Complete with gasket to
interchange with other manufactures’ models. 48 cubic inch core can be used in most 4-3/4” O.D. hanged shells. 1-3/4” I.D., 3-3/4” O.D., and 5-1/2” length.


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