Automatic Water Dispenser Pump

The QE Quality Water Jug Dispenser Pump, has a universal barrel suitable for 2-5 gallon jugs of water. This portable electric water jug pump charges via USB cable for automatic drinking water indoors and outdoors. (WATER JUG NOT INCLUDED)

• Safe & Healthy Material • Portable Design: Perfect for offices, homes, schools, or outdoor use • Suitable for different capacity gallon jugs with a 2.16in (5.5cm) neck • Easy to use: Simply open a small whole in the mouth of the bottle cap where you can put down hose and snap the water pump to the bottle • One button automatic switch operation, press button to turn on and off • Long lasting work time: The USB rechargeable water dispenser is rechargeable 1200 mA Battery which can be used 30-40 days on pump 4-6 bottles of 5-gallon water jugs. USB has a fast full recharge about 3 hours. • Light indication: Working – Blue light / Charging – Red Light / Full Charge – light turns off

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