Condensate Pump

The QE Quality Tank Condenstae Pump boasts the lowest dB(A) rating and best IP rating (IP24 Splash Proof) of any tank pump on the market; making it the quietest and safest pump in its class. Features: Tank Size: 1.7ltr, Max Head: 5mt, Max Flow: 550ltr/hour, Connection Input Diameter: 1/4” & 3/8”
QE QUALITY Condensate Pump MODEL: QCP-25-2 Application: For air conditioning units up to 20 kW / 68,000 BTU / 5.5 Tr. Suitable for most standard cassette units. This drain pump are used in packaged air conditioners, indoor units of ceiling air conditioners to drain the condensing water generated by heat exchangers during cooling and dehumidification Features: Low noise, low vibration and light weight Small scale with enough flow rate, long life Cost-effective

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