Portable welding cutting kit

QE Welding & Cutting Torch Kit Oxygen Acetylene With Portable Tote and Tanks. Our complete gas-welding accessory kit includes a 4 liter oxygen tank and 2 liter acetylene tank with regulators, along with full brass torch assembly. Use this oxyacetylene torch for welding pipes and tubes, and other metal repair work. It’s also used to fabricate metal artwork. Use it for iron or steel welding, plus brazing, braze-welding, cutting, bending and forming. Features: Welding & Cutting Torch Kit Oxygen Acetylene With Portable Tote and Tanks Extremely Popular for General Maintenance Work, Metal Sculpture, Automotive Repair, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration etc. Light to Medium Duty Portable Outfit Waterproof Storage Compartment for Small Items Rear entry regulators for better balance on the small cylinders Specifications: Welds Up To: 1/16″ Cuts Up To: 1/2″ Condition: 100% Brand New IMPORTANT PLEASE READ: The Oxygen and Acetylene cylinders are shipped empty. We strongly suggest you check with your gas supplier before buying cylinders to see what they will or will not fill or exchange.
Package Includes: Professional Welding Cutting Outfit Kit 1x 4L Oxygen Cylinder CGA540. 1x 2L Acetylene Cylinder CGA200 1x Welding Goggles 1x Oxygen Regulator 1x Acetylene Regulator 2x Welding Nozzle #1 and #2 VM-W, Welds up to 1/16″ 1x Cutting Torch 3-101, Cuts up to 1/2″ 1x Twin Welding Hose 4.5 Meters 1x Tip Cleaner 1x Spanner 1x Spark Lighter 1x Red Carrying Tote Manual included


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