Oil transfer pump

QE QUALITY Maxi-Transfer Oil Transfer Pump is designed to allow technicians to smoothly pump oil into systems while the unit is operating / under pressure. Pump includes new universal tapered adapter designed to fit all container necks without additional adapters for time saving convenience. Also, an automatic bleed valve with no moving parts equalizes pressure inside and outside of the oil container. Universal stopper fits all standard openings in 1, 2.5, and 5 gallon oil containers. Includes a comfort padded grip handle, 2 foot hose, 1/4” SAE connection, pumps against 200± PSI pressure, and Universal Adapter. Suction transfer hose and fittings included to connect to bottom of unit to pump oil from equipment quickly and efficiently. Pumps 2.6 Oz or 78 mL per stroke. Cross reference Yellow Jacket Model # 77940. Individually packaged in hanging blister pack.

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