Pressure Controls (QE)

QE pressure controls are designed to switch electrical loads such as contactors, relays, fans and motors in HVAC and Commercial applications in response to changes in sensed refrigerant pressure. For use with R-407, R-134A, R-404, R-22, R-12, & R-410A.

APPLICATIONS INCLUDE: Control of suction pressure in either an operating or limit control role. Control of high side pressure in either an operating or limit control role. Condenser fan cycling. Compressor Lube Oil Protection.

QE oil differential pressure controls / switches are for use with all refrigeration with compressors using external oil pumps with refrigerants. It protects the compressor against loss of lubricating oil pressure which could otherwise cause severe bearing damage resulting in a compressor breakdown. Connected to the crankcase and oil pump by capillaries, the pressure switch senses the difference between the pressure in the crankcase and that of the outlet side of the oil pump.

APPLICATIONS INCLUDE: Time delay to avoid nuisance shutdown. Choice of safety timings.

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