LACO Heat Seal Stick is an epoxy sealer intended for repairs on copper, aluminum, and other metals. It can be used with all refrigerants and ammonia, SO², gas, oil, and steam. Maintains pressures up to 450 PSI (31 Kg/cm²). Sold in a convenient 12 unit counter display box.
LACO Aluminum Flux & Solder Kit solders aluminum easily. Also solders aluminum to copper. Ideal for repairing leaks in HVAC systems. Includes: 1 Oz. aluminum flux paste and 1/2 Oz. solder. Low-temperature soldering prevents aluminum components from melting, New aluminum HVAC components will not stall job completion, Resists electrolytic action between aluminum and copper, preventing leakage between dissimilar metals, Includes 90/10 tin-zinc solder, keeping work conditions lead-free, & Made in U.S.A.

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