filter drier shells (take apart)

QE QUALITY take apart filter drier shell series offer the flexibility of use on liquid or suction line service. By installing the molded, desiccant filter drier block within the shell, complete liquid line protection is ensured. For the ultimate in large capacity suction line filtration, install the replaceable filter cores within the shell. Also offer the ability to be used for cleanup following a compressor burnout. Replaces STAS.

QE QUALITY take apart filter drier shells feature: sturdy steel shell for long life durability, simplified internal hardware for easy installation, full flow fittings for low-pressure drop, corrosion resistant epoxy powder paint finish, for liquid line & suction line service, unit size: 48 cubic inches, filtration recommended 40 microns, and max. working pressure: 500 PSIG-T / 400 PSIG-SV.

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