Vacuum Pumps (Bullet)

QE QUALITY vacuum pump series include new 3 connection inlet ports (1/4″ SAE, 3/8″ SAE, and 1/2″ ACME), are dual stage, oil circulation, spiral slice vacuum pumps with basic technical components. Are applicable for A/C and refrigeration equipment (R-12, R-22, R-134A, and R-410 refrigerants), print devices, medical apparatuses, vacuum packaging, gas analysis, thermoplastic molding, and other industries. Features include: double circular arc design on the assemble pump head, improves the vacuum levels and working efficiency; product design can reduce oil mist, and an oil-gas separator at air exhaust outlet effectively treats and prevents oil pollution in atmosphere; double location pin design on the assembled pump head, improves the service life and is easily maintained; the motor and pump are integrated to make product compact, simple, and rational; the special design of the QE QUALITY vacuum pumps large starting torque guarantees a normal starting in low temperature (= 5° C) and low voltage condition (with rated voltage ± 10%); the unibody design of the handle, capacitor box, and exhaust filter makes unit more efficient with concise design.

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