Water Filtration Kit

QE QUALITY water filter kit is easily installed on 3/4” copper or plastic cold water tubing. This mini water plant includes a QWC-2X1 filter cartridge which offers 2 full-stage filtrations, 5-micron grooved polypropylene fiber levels, and granular activated carbon. For home or small business water use. If water tap is not being used daily, it is recommended that you run (flush) the tap water for at least 10 seconds prior to using.

QE QUALITY water filter kit’s specifications include: completely resistant to rust / corrosion, 3/4” inlet/outlet pipe thread (must use liquid seal), withstands water pressure to 125 PSI, built-in manual bleed valve button, top seated “O” ring gasket (recommend dipping in silicone for ultimate seal), accepts most standard 9-3/4” cartridges, fast cartridge change, and includes filter cartridge indicated on box.

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