PSC / Shaded Pole Motor

QE QUALITY PSC / Shaded Pole motors include features such as: energy saving PSC design, reversible plug for easy rotation change, 3-in-1 HP replaces 1/12 HP, 1/15 HP, 1/20 HP and low consumption shaded pole design, extra mounting nuts for quick installation, class B insulation, quiet operation, ball bearing, dual voltage (115/230 V, 50/60 Hz), 5/16″ shaft, 4 MFD / 370 V capacitor included, and UL listed (E472627).
Use of a permanent split capacitor design allows the motor to deliver more power with a lower AMP draw. Cooler operation results in fewer malfunctions. Ball bearings provide smooth, quiet operation, and extended motor life. The QMS-888 has been proven to be 50% more energy efficient than other shaded pole motors.

Replaces – Emerson Models: 9650, 9651, 9652, 9653, 9656, 9664. Fasco Models: D1101, D1103, D1122, D1123, D1124, D1125, D1126, D1127, D1152, D1154.

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