QE mini-split capacitors (450 volts)

QE QUALITY mini split motor run capacitors are epoxy / resin sealed. All QE QUALITY mini split capacitors are made with a plastic external surface, rated tolerance of ± 5%, rated frequency of 50/60 Hz, rated voltage of AC 450 V., black in color, and a content of 40/70/21. The QE QUALITY fan capacitors are numbered as follows:

first number signifies MFD of the capacitor. example: 2.5

second number signifies voltage of the capacitor. example 450E (450 VAC)

this is a 2.5 MFD 450 VAC cap.

These QE QUALITY fan capacitors can be widely used as the start-up and/or running capacitor for your motor. They feature very small dissipation factor and inherent temperature rise, high insulation resistance, and stable capacitance.

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