Foam Tape QTF-230

QE QUALITY new & improved high grade duct tape (cloth tape) is a 35 mesh cloth backing tape combined with a high performance adhesive. Offers excellent reflection of both heat and light, reliable high quality adhesion for a long lasting hold, exceptional vapor barrier, and wide service temperature range (-4 to 176 °F).

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Product Description

QE QUALITY foam tape is made of high density vinyl for the highest level of quality and reliability. Prevents pipe sweat and holds heat loss on piping below 180°F / 80° C. Easily cut and installed over pipes and fittings. The QE QUALITY foam tape specifications include: temperature range: -40°F to 180°F / -40°C to 80°C, thermal conductivity: .27 BTU/Hr. (sq. ft.) — °F/Inch, water absorption: 1.1%, weather, oxidation, and fungus resistant, density: 7 lbs./cu. ft. (112 Kg/M³), and tensile: 25 PSI. Individually boxed.

Model QTF-230
Size 1/8"t x 2"w x 30'l
Description Self-Adhesive
Minimum 12
Master Carton 12

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